Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts at the Wedding venue: Policeman says that new FIR was lodge against Sid by Mr. Ayesha Kapoor. Everybody seems shocked while ayesha is all smiling. Sid looks at her. she says it is a wedding gift. Sid asks why you did this? She says there are reasons, one is i always love you truly and you never care about me.2nd one is you always need me. 3rd is when you took me to the hospital. I heard everything whatever you said. she asks am I your key to freedom. I am the reason for you to go jail. now you spend your entire life in jail. Happy wedding. Inspector asks are you coming with us. Sid is disgusted and removes his turban and garland and goes with the police. She then tells the guests to have the food and go.

Mamaji asks why you did this? you loved you before. she replies that she still loves him but she loves herself more, thats me.
Priya and everybody are shocked. Ayesha is relax as if nothing happened and tells saudamini lets go for shopping. she asks ram and priya why you are here, to give me Ashirwad. or to tell me thanks and blah blah. She says do you think, I sent sid to jail because of you people. I am not a fool. I knew why you wanted me to marry sid. The question is why I got sid arrested? she then tells saudamini to take the papers from her bag and she shows the contract papers and tells her that in that papers it is written if she marries sid then all the property and money will go to Ram.

she says I am so sorry guys. I am not that stupid.

Rest coming soon..

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