Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th March 2013 Written Update

The Episode begins with Priya’s colleague asking Priya whether she had A4 size papers. Priya gives her papers. Priya asks what is she typing. She tells she is typing the presentation to be typed in Ashwin name and it is the best presentation of the company till date. Priya asks can I see? she says yes and Priya sees the presentation and is shocked to see the presentation and thinks that this presentation was indeed prepared by Mr. Kapoor and I saw him working on it. She thinks how can Ashwin….?
Ram comes into someone else cabin and he asks him to remove his shoes and come. He tells Ram that once he came to his office for work, but that time vacancy was not there at his office. Ram asks to pay him his salary in advance. He asks didn’t you have money. He says when I came to your office that time I also dont have money but anyways I will talk to HR, but company rules. He taunts Ram about his status lowered down.Ram gives him a prompt reply and leaves.
Ashwin comes into this cabin after Ram leaves and smiles.
Priya informs Ram that she saw jenny was taking out the printout and it is too much now. We will not tolerate. Dont give me your logic. She tells we need money to run our house. for Pihu’s future, for keeping dadi and everyone with us but not at this cost. Priya says this is totally wrong. Ram says I agree. but right or wrong happens on every situation. Ashwin is misbehaving with me, I know. Ashwin is taking my credit, he is wrong. but your love for me is right. for dadi and everyone whatever we will do is right. think positive.
Priya says you are deviating the topic. Priya says you expect me to be happy in this situation. Ram says I expect you to be happy in our situation. BALH music is playing in the background and they smiles.
Sudhir Home:
Khush comes, Natasha is happy to see him. Pihu asked how your mamma allowed you here? Khush says I told mamma I wants to meet Pihu and show her my psp and she allowed me to come here. He tells them that his mamma is behaving good with her and is helping me in my homework and even dropping me to school. He shows her PSP and asks her to play. She tells I dont know how to play. I dont have PSP. Khush says you take mine. Pihu says I will ask papa about getting me same psp.
They play on the PSP and sweet music is playing in the background. Everyone looks happy.
Vikram Home:
Vikram is romancing Neha. Neha thanks him for the dinner date. Their son sam comes there and asks them to help him to do maths homework. Vikram gives some excuse and Neha too gives him some excuse. Vikram asks him to be independent and they leaves for their favorite hotel.
Ram and Priya home:
Everybody is having dinner and Priya gives ladies finger dish to all. Ram silently asks Pihu to tell priya that food is good. Pihu shouts mamma, papa said that food is good. everybody laughs. Soumya says mamma is saying thankyou to papa. and natasha says that she is saying that i prepared this food for you Mr. Kapoor. Natasha says I have a good news. She says I have a client and she got impressed with me and give me a one day stay at her resort for all the family. so its holiday time. everyone feels happy. Priya says if Khush would come along with us, then it will be good. Shipra says I will bring him and Ram asks her to bring Vikram and Neha too.
Rest coming..

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