Thursday, 4 October 2012

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th October 2012 Written Update

Video Update Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th October 2012 Video Watch Online

Ram says, from the day I am out of hospital I am feeling so fresh. This is all bcoz of my wife aayesha. Priya gets hurt and cries silently. Reshab comes to priya and tells, don’t mind if we are ignoring u. As bhai has asked take the sides and we care for his health. Priya replies its ok. Reshab once again apologizes and leaves. Peehu comes to ram and both hug. Peehu says I gave a gift to rahul bro. will u give me gift on my bday? Ram says I have a gift for u now. U need not wait for bday. Ram gives a bowl of chocolates. Peehu shows it to priya. ram looks this and calls a photographer to take a family picture. Ram, peehu and aayesha takes the picture. Priya again feels bad. Priya calls her friend and asks to give a house for rent as soon as possible. Rajat comes there. Rajat says, rent? Are u kidding? Priya replies, though its Mumbai or Dubai this rent doesn’t leave me. Rajat smiles and leaves. priya finds khush alone playing so priya goes to him. Priya asks khush to make friend with her. Khush says, are u priya angel? Papa used to say me about u. you will make all things fine na. priya gets emotional and hugs. Priya offers a chocolate but khush denies. Khush leaves. priya feels bad that she couldn’t make all things fine.

Nats asks ram, why are u hurting priya? don’t do this. Are u feeling happy hurting her? Ram asks so u are taking priya’s side right. Ram says now priya’s sister in law is speaking to me. Right. Nats says, imagine if karthik does this do u feel bad. Karthik has forgiven me then why don’t u forgive priya. ram angrily says, u got the punishment for your mistake and now priya will. And never again try to advice me. Ram leaves. Krishna ji asks khush whether he wants to eat some thing. But khush insists to eat cake. Krishna ji explains him that rahul hasn’t cut the cake yet so we need to wait. Khush runs away but peehu stops him and asks are you the one whom I met on computer and tied a rakhi? So you are my brother. Take this chocolate and play with me. But khush denies saying I don’t like chocolates. Peehu asks whether he likes aloo parathas. But khush says no. peehu gets angry and says then I will not play with u. khush says, but you should play with me as you are coming to my home to stay with us. Peehu gets doubt and says I will ask my mom and come.

Peehu comes to priya and asks mom am I living with papa from now on. Priya wonders and asks who told u bĂȘte? Peehu replies khush was saying this. Priya says no bĂȘte as mama promised u, I will never leave u alone any day. Ram comes there and says, offo please don’t lie to the lil girl at least. U have lied with all of us and u dint get satisfied? Priya asks not to talk about the custody before peehu. Ram asks peehu, did u like Mumbai or Dubai. Peehu replies Mumbai. Ram says happily, super then you will stay in Mumbai forever now. Peehu asks priya, moma are we going to stay in Mumbai itself. We are not going to Dubai again. Priya says peehu to go with naanu and have some thing to eat. Peehu and sudhir leaves. before priya speaks some thing ram stops her, Ram shows custody papers to priya. priya shocks and asks are u serious? Ram says did u think I was kidding with u? priya says please don’t do this. Why are u suffering a small girl. She don’t even know whats happening. A lady comes to them and asks ram how is he feeling now. Ram taunts priya and says to the lady, I have suffered only for 2 hours but this lady was in life risk for 5 years. She knows better than me. You better ask her. Ram leaves seriously. Priya feels bad with his words.

Vikram and neha thanks all the guests for coming to the party. All gather near the cake. Neha opens the cake and shocks looking at the divorce cake of her and vikram. Ram yells, what is this? Who has ordered this cake? Cady says, I have ordered this cake. But I gave rahul’s picture with a message happy birthday rahul. Ram asks cady to give the shop number. Cady looks around and finds the guy. Cady tells ram, that was the guy who had taken the order and delivered too. That guy comes near to them. Ram asks, how dare u do this. You know these people are my family. The guy says, then u too listen to me. I am also a member of this family. Ram gets hyper and raises his hand to hit him. All get shocked as vikram stops him and says, what ever that guy is saying is true. Me and neha are getting divorced. He is part of our family. Ram seriously walks off from there and all follow him. Priya’s family also leaves from there.

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