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Bade Acche Lagte Hai 3rd July 2012 Written Update

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 3rd July 2012 Written Update 

Ram finds the book “Bade ache lagte hain” on ground and takes it. He recalls gifting the book to priya when she was in jail. Priya tells, I dint like the story as the couple get departed at the end. And priya assuring ram that next time when they meet they will be together forever and she will never leave him so easily. Ram still looks on upset. A police inspector comes there and tells, kapoor sir you are here from 1 week now you should believe the truth.

Neha watching tv news saying, many of the people are dead in the earthquake. The reporter reads priya’s name as dead person. Neha couldn’t accept the truth that its not their priya. And she cries
Ram standing near the window and recalling his sweet memories with priya in rain. Nats, vikram and reshab will be requesting ram to open the door. Ram looking at priya’s picture and feels bad. He cries how priya you left alone. How could I live without? Vikram says please open the door, we all are with you. Ram yells I don’t care of my life without priya. Please all go away. Nats also consoles ram. Vikram once again requests to open the door. Ram opens the door and tells; don’t get worried I am alive. Priya has told me to live for our family and should be responsible about my family. Priya has left me alone but il not leave you all alone
After 20days, priya’s memorizing day. All recalling priya. Ram calmly sits and looking at the photo. Karthik says, sister you have took a lot of care. I never felt like my sister you were my mother all time. Shipra says, though I was her mother actually she was our mother who isn’t between us. Priya in a hospital slowly tries to wake up and sits. Doc tells priya, you are awake after 20days. Its really a miracle. I think some one was praying hard for you to stay alive. Priya asks who that is. Chutki comes in and tells, my mom too left me like my dad but you will not leave me na. priya recalls the lady giving responsibility of chutki to priya. Priya tells chutki that she will never leave her. Priya says, when can I go home. I want to go to my home.

Nats says, priya I dint like you before but you have changed me with all your love. You changed kapoor mansion into a beautiful house. Ram says, I still love you a lot. I was yours and I will be yours forever. Priya gets into a car with chutki and tells the driver to go to kapoor mansion, Mumbai.

Priya reaches kapoor mansion and tells the car driver that she will bring money from home. She finds the shok sabha of her death in the house. Priya feels bad. She thinks, I thought everyone feel happy that I am alive. But here everyone has accepted the truth that I am dead.
Ishika says nats, I think what ever has happened was bad but ram will recover in few days. Think if priya was in jail for 17 years then too both will be living very hard. When she comes back half of their lives will be over. But now atleast ram bhai will be happy that priya is no more. May be in future he will be fine and start a new life. Priya over hears this and decides to leave from here so that ram can be happy. Priya looks at ram and leaves from there with chutki. Ram feels some one watching and looks at the place from where priya was looking at him.

Precap: Ram drinking alcohol and talks to priya’s picture, why did you leave me priya. You have taught me to live and now you have left me alone. Why priya.

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