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Bade Acche Lagte Hain [Precap Promo] 21st April 2014

Bade Acche Lagte Hain [Precap Promo] 21st April 2014
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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sammy telling Suhani that he does not care whose kids it is, he just wants her. He says let us go somewhere from here. Suhani asks him to shut up and ask for his sake, if he can do anything and wants her child killed for his happiness. She says she is sad not because he is away, she is sad that she loved him. She thought he does not deserve her love, but now thinks he does not deserve anybody’s love. She says she is ashamed of herself as she loved him. Sammy says he loves her and will love till he dies. Suhani shouts and asks him to get out. He goes from there.

Natasha sees Rajath in the party. Rajath sees her and says she is looking beautiful. She asks him sorry about the mess. Rajath says it is ok, when kids grow up, their priorities change. She says she wants to say samething to Ram. She says Ram, Priya and everyone are upset. She says they are a big big drama family. She asks him if he met Priya, it is a wrong time. Rajath says Priya and Ram will solve issue with Pihu soon. He says problem is with Sammy and resolution will be with him.

Khush sees Sammy drinking alcohol. He gives him lemon water and says it will remove help him get down alcohol effect. Sammy throws lemon water and says Khush that he is living on Ram’s money. Khush says he is behaving well with him even after his misbehavior. Sammy says he must have begged Suhani to love him. Khush gets angry and says he does not deserve Suhani’s love. He says people tell truth that some people won’t change. He says Sammy uses girls and leaves them. He says cannot accept Suhani’s child, then how will he accepts her. Khush says he is marrying Suhani and warns not to interfere between them and tries to go from there. Sammy picks bottle and ties to hit Khush. Sid holds his hand and warns him not to hurt his son, else he will screw him. He says accepted him manipulating office records, but will not tolerate him hurting his son. He asks him to go and sort his issues with Suhani, else he will become old Sid.

Sammy asks guest to pay attention to him and says he has to say something. He says Ram gave party for Priya. He says Khush took away his love Suhani from him, but his saas and susur Ram and Priya brought back Suhani in his life. He says Ram that he will divorce Pihu tomorrow. Priya asks Sammy why is he misbehaving. He says he is not misbehaving. He says Vikram that he is going to divorce Pihu as he did not love him at all, he forcefully accepted her. He does not care Ram or Vikram. He wants to be with Suhani. Just then someone shoots Sammy, and he falls down from the stairs. Everyone goes near Sammy worriedly. Vikram asks to call ambulance. He picks Sammy and goes to hospital with Khush and Pihu accompanying him.

Police come to the party venue. Inspector says until their investigation finishes, nobody should leave the venue. He says if they know anybody who is jealous of Sammy. Constable finds a mobile phone.

Sammy is taken to the operating theater. Rahul asks Vikram to relax. Vikram asks if everything will be alright nervously. Rahul assures him Sammy will be alright. Vikram says he is very much worried and nervous. Rahul says he knows Sammy is his weak point and tells him about the childhood incident. He asks Vikram to control himself.

Priya informs her family that Khush informed that Sammy is taken into OT. Mamaji thinks who must have hurt Sammy. Constable brings coat and pistol. Inspector asks whose coat is this. Ram says it is his coat and gun. Inspector asks Ram why is he carrying gun in his party. Ram says he is keeping it for his safety. Inspector says a bullet is missing from gun and asks where did he use it. Ram says he did not check. Inspector asks why did not he check.

Rahul sees doctor coming out of OT and asks how is Sammy. Doctor informs Vikram that he could not save Sammy. Everyone is shocked to hear that. Pihu starts crying shockingly.

Inspector asks Ram to come with him to police station. Priya says inspector he cannot take him like that. Inspector says gun belongs to Ram and even gun is missing. They cannot leave him until the forensic report comes. Priya says she will check with her lawyer. Inspector asks to cooperate now. Rajath says Ram did not do anything. Inspector asks who is he. Rajath says he is Ram’s friend. Priya to call her lawyer.

Precap: Priya says Ram that she does not have habit of staying without him in that house and room. She says she will try her best to free him.
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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th April 2014 Episode Watch Online

Part 1
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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 15th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Rajat trying to pacify Vikram. Vikram says, Pihu was after Sammy. Ram accepted Sammy with his past. Ram did the wrong thing. He shouldn’t have raise his hand on my son. Rajat says, you should understand him. Vikram says, not today. He insulted my son. I can also be stuborn like him. Rajat says, it is not about ego. Vikram says, Ram have to apologize to my son infront of everyone else our friendship is finished.

Priya is sad. Natasha tells her that Ram came to know that she is right. Priya says, I wish I was wrong. My pihu is in pain. I can’t see her in pain. Natasha wipes her tears and asks her to face the situation. Pihu is hurt because of her. She won’t understand. She has to face the troubles. Priya says, she is my baby. I can’t see her hurt. I want to reach out to her. I want to hug her and makes her understand that I am there for her. Priya cries. Natasha asks her to stop crying. Pihu comes there. Natasha leaves.

Pihu asks Priya, are you happy that your words have proved to be true. You was right and I am wrong. Are you happy now? She says, I can’t lie with you. I did a mistake. I finished everything. Priya cries looking at her misery. Pihu says, today I am all alone. No one is with me, I am alone. Priya hugs her. Pihu says, I miss you mom. She says, she tried to make Sammy love her but failed. It was only one sided love. She says, I loved him so much and he never loved me.

Priya promises to make everything alright. She imagines little Pihu. Pihu hugs her mom. Priya and Pihu cry emotionally.

Cady recalls Sammy words that he cares only for Suhani. Rajat comes and tells Cady that Vikram is annoyed with Ram. Cady says, Priya was never wrong. I have to talked to Sammy before anything bad happens. She tells him that she was aware of Sammy and Suhani’s affair. Sammy lied to her. She says, she will talk to Sammy. Rajat tells Rahul that he never saw Vikram in an angry mood. He is always joyful. Rahul says, Dad never scolds Sammy and that’s why he became a spoilt brat.

Cady talks with Sammy and says we didn’t force marriage on you. You married Pihu with your decision. Sammy says, what I would have done then? I can’t control anymore. I can’t show off. Cady asks him to shut up and says it is too late. She asks him to think atleast about Suhani who has started dreaming about Khush. Cady asks him not to mess up with his life. Sammy says, he wants to meet Suhani. Cady asks him to meet Suhani for last time and then come home as Pihu’s husband. Sammy leaves.

Priya tells Natasha that she will get her Pihu back. Natasha says, I told you naa that you will get your Pihu back. Priya says, I wish she didn’t go through pain.` Natasha says, we can just try to protect our child. Priya says, kids are always kids for parents. She tells how Shipra treated her as a kid. She laughs reminiscing about her mom. Natasha says, after so many days you are laughing with happiness. Priya says, Pihu is the reason for her to live. When she got upset with her then she felt empty without her. When she hug her today then she got a reason to live. Priya says, I feel everything will be fine.

Sammy comes to Suhani. Suhani asks him to stay away from her. Sammy says, you was eager to marry. I was not in a hurry. Suhani says, you are doing wrong. You married Pihu and not me. Stay away from me. Sammy says, you are carrying my child. Suhani says, this is not your child. Sammy asks her to say looking at his eyes. Suhani looks in his eyes and says this is not your child. This is my child and will always be mine. Suhani says, where were you when I needed you. You said that this baby is not yours. You called me characterless. She says, you punished me for loving you. Today I am getting my self respect and everything because of Khush and your love just wake up. Sammy says, I can’t live without you. I just love you.

Sammy announces to everyone that he is going to divorce Pihu tomorrow.

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Bade Acche Lagte Hain [Precap Promo] 16th April 2014

Bade Acche Lagte Hain [Precap Promo] 16th April 2014
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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 15th April 2014 Episode Watch Online

Part 1
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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Khush proposing Suhani in the party. He compliments her beauty and says he wants to make today special for her. He says, I love you, loved you and will always love you. He makes her wear the ring. Suhani gets emotional. Everyone clap for them.

Priya tells Juhi, you and your friends got a living example. Priya smiles and goes from there. Juhi is annoyed. Priya sees Ram keeping the pistol in his pocket. Priya asks Ram about it. Ram says, he is getting threatening calls and that’s why he is carrying pistol as a protection. Priya says, we shall call Police. Ram says, it is ok.

Cady asks Rajat to meet Priya. Rajat says, I will meet her for sure. Daijaa says, I am going to meet my friends. Cady jokes with Rajat and asks him if he needs handkerchief. She asks him to meet Priya rightaway. Rajat says, business deal is easy. Cady says, heart is used here and not brain. Rajat goes to meet Priya.

Rajat sees Priya talking to someone. He smiles looking at her. Khamake bewaja Khwaab bunta raha plays………………………….. He goes near her and is about to put his hand on her shoulder, just then Priya turns. She gets surprised to see him. She greets him. Rajat tells her that he came with Cady. Priya says, it is so good to see you. Rajat says, I came here for my book launch. I was helping Vikram in his business project. He compliments her. Priya says, I can’t deny that you are our good friend. Priya thanks him for saving her life.

Priya asks him about marriage. Rajat says no. I didn’t get anyone like you. Priya is surprised. Rajat says, he didn’t get time to marry. Priya says, I am sure that you will find someone soon. She asks did you meet Ram? Ram comes and sees Rajat. Vikram says surprise. He says, he came for the book launch. Priya thanks him for coming.

Mayra announces special performance by Pihu- Sammy, and Khush- Suhani. They dance on the song Tum Hi Ho………………..Aashiqui……………………..Sammy gets jealous seeing Suhani dancing with Khush. Suhani too looks at Sammy. Sammy excuses himself.

Priya looks at Ram. Hain Kya Yeh Jo Tere Mere Darmiyaan hain plays…………………………………………….Rajat looks at Priya. Sammy drinks a lot. Khush gets a call and he goes to attend it.

Sammy looks at Suhani. He drags her to a corner and asks what are you doing? Suhani says, I am dancing with my husband. Sammy says, he is not your husband. He will not marry you. I won’t allow that day to come. I can’t let anyone touch you. Suhani asks him to leave her hand. Pihu watches this drama. Sammy says, I won’t leave you. Khush comes back and looks for Suhani. Pihu asks Sammy to leave her hand. Sammy says, I won’t do the mistake again. She is mine. I love her.

Priya comes and slaps him. Sammy says, she is mine. Priya tries to free Suhani’s hand. She says, Suhani loves Khush. Sammy takes Suhani and tells everyone that Suhani is pregnant with his baby. He says, he is the father of her child. She is my true love. No one can stop me from becoming hers. Suhani is shocked. Juhi smirks. Sammy asks Suhani, why we are punishing each other. Suhani asks him to leave her hand. Ram asks, how dare you? He slaps him. Suhani frees her hand.

Ram says, you have made a joke of my Pihu. Sammy says, I just care about Suhani. Ram asks, if you speak any further then? Sammy asks, what you can do? Will you kill me? Ram says yes, I will kill you. Sammy says, you loves Pihu but I don’t love your daughter Pihu. I just love Suhani. Mamaji, Sid and Juhi take pleasure watching Sammy’s drama. Priya is hurt as well.

Pihu says, you might be happy today as you was right. She says, you was right and I was wrong. Are you happy now. Priya cries looking at her.
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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sammy thinking he will get back Suhani. Myra comes looking for Pihu. She asks Sammy where is Pihu. He says he does not know. She says why are they both looking tensed after coming from their trip. Mamaji comes and asks Myra to check Suhani also if she ready for the party.

Juhi meets Priya. She says Priya she is glad that she is back as Ram was not taking care of himself and used to sleep sometimes in office itself. Priya says she knew Ram would not take care of himself and says his mood changes a lot. He is transparent, he cannot hide either happiness or sadness. He does not even express when he is upset. She thanks Juhi for taking care of her children, especially Pihu. She says it is difficult taking care of Pihu. Juhi thanks Pihu for taking care of Khush and says he has put on weight. Priya says we both are different, but one thing we have in common, that is love for our kids as mothers. Juhi says she is right.

Mamaji meets Khush and says he is looking very handsome. Khush says not handsome than him. Sid comes and his he is handsome as he is his son. Khush says happy now because of Priya and goes from there. Sid asks why is he angry on me always. Mamaji says he is your son, so he is like you, always angry. Mamaji then thinks of having drinks.

Juhi and Sid sees Mamaji and ask him why is he standing outside. He says his pandit asked him not to enter the party. Sid says his pandit says always opposite and drags mamaji inside.

Natasha asks Priya how is she feeling. Priya says she is fine, but is concerned about Pihu and wants her to understand that she is her mother and her happiness matters to her. She asks Natasha if a mother will think of harming their kids, then why is Pihu thinking that I will harm her. Natasha asks Priya to give some time to Pihu, she will understand soon. Priya says she hope Pihu understands her.

Pihu calls Sammy and asks where is he. Sammy says he is stuck in some work and will come soon. She then sees Suhani and Khush coming. She asks Suhani what is she doing here. She says even after getting insulted many times, she is not ashamed of herself. She then asks Suhani to stay away from her and her husband. Suhani says she is with the man she likes and says she must be worried about herself as Sammy even being with her thinks of others.

Daija asks Rajath if he is not coming for party. He asks if she going for the party. Daija says she is going as it is Priya and Ram’s party. She even went to Pihu’s birthday party. Kady says even she is going as she thinks Priya as her family member. Rajath says he is happy about Ram and Priya and says it is Ram’s business party and does not want to go. He says how will Priya react when she sees him. Kady asks him to go and listen to his heart. Rajath says she is acting like Daija and wants me to express what he wants. He says he will go and get ready.

Priya sees Vikram and greets him. She says they are meeting after 6 months. He says he is angry on her that he was thinking of getting her and Ram together and was spying on them, but they fooled him. Priya says he is a very good friend and tried his best to unite them. Vikram says he and Ram… Priya asks if he is thinking about Neha or if he fought with Ram. Vikram says why will he fight with Ram. Priya invites him in.

Pihu and Sammy see Khush and Suhani enjoying the party. Sammy gets a call and goes from there. Ram scolds Sid and Sammy for betraying him and manipulating his business. He asks them to sign the papers. Sid asks Sammy not to sign the papers, but he signs. Sid says Sammy did not do right by signing the papers and goes from there.

Juhi sees Pihu and says she is looking pretty. She asks why is she tensed. She says she cannot see her sad and asks what happened. Pihu says she did not want Priya to come back in this house, but Ram brought her in. Priya will start controlling the house again, and everything will be back to normal. Juhi says Priya came here as Ram’s wife, not her mother, so stop giving importance to Priya. She says Ram left Priya for you, now he brought her back, so she should think of his happiness. Pihu says she cannot tolerate Suhani in this house and thinks she is joking on her whenever she sees her. Juhi says it is just a small issue and says she will handle the issue in her style.

Juhi speaks to guest who says people wear weird clothes. Juhi says some people even bear kids without marriage and thinks she will fullfill her promise made to Pihu. Priya listens Juhi and says why is she describing Suhani as single mother to her friends. She says Khush is marrying Suhani and Ram and her will get them married soon, so not to worry.

Monday Precap: Rajath comes and meets Priya.
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Bade Acche Lagte Hain [Precap Promo] 17th April 2014

Bade Acche Lagte Hain [Precap Promo] 17th April 2014
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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th April 2014 Episode Watch Online

Part 1
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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8rd April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Natasha informing Priya that Suhani has agreed to return to Kapoor mansion. Priya asks Suhani why did not she agree when she asked her and agreed to Natasha. Natasha says she has magic in her. She then says she has one more news to say and says Suhani agreed to marry Khush. Priya gets happy and says Suhani Khush will keep you happy and even she will take care of her. She says Suhani and Pihu are equal to her, she cannot see anyone in trouble. Everything will be alright. Suhani says she knows when she is there, everything will be alright, even she wants everyone to be alright, especially her. She says Priya helped an orphan like her and should not be in trouble any time. Khush asks if she agreed to marry for his sake or Priya’s. She says for Priya’s sake and asks him to marry someone else if he likes. He says he is joking. Priya hugs Khush and Suhani emotionally.

Rajath is busy writing his book. Kady informs Rajath that Ram is going to Priya’s house to bring Priya her back. Rajath says she should have been there with Priya to handle Pihu. She says Natasha is there. Rajath says he cannot believe Pihu has changed a lot. He saw her, she asks when. He says when he went to meet Ram, he spoke to her and felt she has changed a lot. Kady says now you agree that she has changed. Rajath says we have to find a solution. She says Sammy is her solution.

Priya walks into Kapoor mansion and goes into flashback where she spent time with Ram’s family and ram. Bade Achhe Lagte hain…… song plays in the background. Girls ask Natasha when is Priya coming. Natasha shows Priya and says she has come. They get excited seeing her and hug her. They say they missed her and will not allow her go anywhere. Pihu sees Suhani and gets angry. Girls see Khush and hug him. Mamaji acts as getting happy. Ram says he wants to tell everyone that Khush and Suhani are not married, but he will make them marry soon. Pihu gets angry hearing that and goes into her room. Juhi comes and hugs Priya. Sammy remembers Ram’s words and thinks Suhani is not married to Khush and she lied. He is even now remembering her because of this. He thinks Suhani still loves her.

Pihu thinks why did Priya bring Suhani, she did not think of her and says she hates Priya. Juhi asks Sid what will we do now, he does not understand anything. Sid says even he does not understand. Mamaji says it is time for us to leave from here, from today Priya will be all over the house.

Suhani comes to her room and remembers time spent in the house. She starts crying. Khush comes and asks her not to take tension, he does not care about Ram, Priya and her decision. He says she is doing this because she does not like Priya sad. She does not Sammy getting obsessed about her again. He says he is very happy about her decision to marry her. He gets emotional. She asks him to see her and tell if he is crying because of her. He says his dream of getting married to her is becoming true, so he is emotional. He says he got everything in life, except love. He says he does not want her kid to be a joke, he should get all happiness in life he deserves. He asks her to take a decision after thinking and goes from there. Suhani starts crying vigorously.

Rajath speaks to Vikram and asks if he spoke to Ram. He says he did not speak as he is hesitant to speak to him. Rajath says that is the difference between wife and friend, he would not have thought if it was Neha. Vikram then asks if he is coming with him for Ram and Priya’s party. Rajath says he will not meet them like this and wait for right occasion.

Khush comes and shows Suhani movie ticket and asks her to accompany. He says he spent 300 rs on ticket. She says she is serious. He says if she is serious, then to see in his eyes and tell what she feels about him. She says she likes him taking care of her every need and does not know what to say about her feeling as she is afraid to tell it as love, but she does not want to lose that feeling. Khush starts laughing and says it was good scene. She asks if he ever becomes serious. He asks her to keep hand on his heart and check. He then requests her to get ready on time for the party.

Precap: Priya says Juhi she can understand how Ram took care of himself without her. He does not share if he is sad or happy.
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