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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th July 2014 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th July 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Pihu asking the servants to decorate the gate with flowers. Mayra asks DJ to play the latest songs. Khush asks the watchman that he needs everything to be well managed. Vikram talks to the food organiser and tells that the menu which they have given is Ram’s favourite and it’s perfect. Ram asks Priya to come to some special place. He asks her not to say anyone. Priya says, today is our wedding. Where you are taking me? Ram asks her to come. They are in the car. Priya asks, where are you going? Ram says, it is a surprise and you will love it. Priya says, she is feeling as a teenager who is going to get married and meeting each other secretly. Ram takes her to have nimbu pani. Priya gets happy and asks him to give the change instead of 1000 Rs note to Nimbu pani guy.   

Everyone wonder at home about their whereabouts. Priya and Ram come home. Everyone are surprised. Dadi scolds Ram for going out on their wedding day. Priya says, she refused to go, but he was adamant to take her. She says, I didn’t want to go, but had some work. Dadi asks Ram to say.   

Ram says, we just went outside. Pihu asks, when will mom get ready? Vikram says, Priya is the bride. She will take time to get ready. Ram says, it is our second marriage. I have seen her. Krishnaji asks Priya to go and get ready. Priya says, I refused to go with him. She goes to get ready. Kids look on.   

Pihu and Mayra get Priya ready. Pihu and Mayra say, you are looking so pretty and beautiful. Priya feels awkward. Priya says, she have to get her daughters’ married and she is getting married. Natasha tells Priya that it was your idea. Priya says,I didn’t know he will do the marriage grandly. Natasha says, just let it be naa. Pihu asks her to smile.   

Mamaji tells Sid that it is strange that Ram and Priya are getting married in this age. Sid asks, if you can have a girlfriend at this age then why can’t bhai and bhabhi get married again. It will be an inspiration for others. Mamaji asks him, whether they have plan any drinks today. Sid says, nothing can happen to you. Mamaji says, he will drink.

Priya talks to Neha and says I will miss you. Neha asks her to send her marriage pics else she will crash their honeymoon.   

Shipra and Sudhir come to meet Priya. Priya gets happy and hugs them. Shipra says, you are not yet ready completely. Priya says, she is fully ready. Shipra says, you are looking dull. Priya says, you didn’t change all these years. Priya asks Sudhir to make her understand. Shipra asks her to apply dark lipstick as it will look good. Priya says, Ram likes to waste money. Shipra asks her to adjust with Ram. Sudhir says, I feels the same. Priya says not fair.   

Mayra comes and compliments Shipra. Priya tells them that her kids are mad. Shipra says, your kids invited us formally. Pihu says, we know that you will miss Nana and Nani, so that’s why we called them. Priya thanks them.
Ram tells Sid that ladies take so much time to get ready. Sid says, you should have known till now. Mamaji says, he has 40 years of experience. Priya is brought to the marriage altar by her parents and kids. Ram looks at her. Priya takes Dadi’s blessings. Mayra asks Dadi to take out the evil eye with 1000 Rs note. Priya says, she will be back. Mamaji tells Sid to get some girl for him.

Ram tells Priya that she is looking so beautiful that he is falling in love with her again. Priya asks, what do you mean. She pulls his leg. Priya says, you are flirting with me. Ram says, I am flirting with my wife. Priya says, we have to get married now. Ram says, you are taking this marriage seriously. Priya pulls his leg again. Ram says, he won’t get angry on her today.   

Pihu announces that they want to dedicate something special for their parents. Mayra and Pihu dance on the song Tune Mari Entry Dil Me Baji Ghantiyaa…….Ram and Priya smiles. Everyone enjoy their dance. Then comes Mayra, Khush and Pihu dancing on the song Tere Liye Hi Toh Signal Tod Tad Ke…………….Everyone claps for them. Mayra dances on the song Aaja Nachle Nachle Mere Yaar Tu……………….
Ram tells Priya that he is enjoying their remarriage as they have kids this time. Priya says, kids danced well and goes to compliment them. She asks Pihu, did you tell anything to your papa about our surprises. Pihu says no.

Pihu announces that the last surprise is planned by her mom for her papa. A slide is shown on the projector. Ram gets emotional to see their journey. Bade Achhe Lagte Hain plays………………….Priya gets emotional too.   

Panditji asks them to come to the mandap to start the wedding. Ram asks to bring the chair. Priya says, will you sit on chair, that’s why I asked you to lose some weight. Ram asks, did you call me fat? Ram and Priya start fighting. Panditji asks them to get married first and then talk. Ram says, we know how the marriage happens.

They exchanges the garlands. Main Naa Bhoolungi In Rasmon Ko plays…………..Sudhir and Shipra does her kanyadaan. A Flashback is show of their first marriage. Shipra blesses her. Everyone get happy and emotional.   

Ram fills her maang with sindoor. Panditji asks them to do the gatbandhan. Priya asks Natasha to do the honours. Ram and Priya take the pheras/rounds and hug each other happily.   

Pihu tells Ram and Priya that it is their turn for the performance. Ram and Priya dance on the song Hum Ko Mili Na Aaj Yeh Ghadiya Naseeb Se…….Lag Ja Gale…………. Everyone applaud for them.
Next morning Priya sees Ram snoring. She tries to wake him up. Pihu comes inside and asks why you are wearing old saree and old fashioned jhumkas. Priya recalls about the saree and jhumkas. She tells Pihu that the saree and jhumkas were special to her. Pihu says, ok. It is allowed. She asks her to come soon for the special surprise.   

Priya asks Ram to wake up and says kids have planned a surprise for them. Ram says, they are bundle of surprises. Priya says, you should be happy that our kids love us so much. He says, I wants to love my wife now. Priya says, now you wake up. Kids are excited. She goes to kids.   

Priya asks, what is the surprise and what’s the matter. Dadi says, we won’t tell anything. Khush says, let Dad come. We will say.

Ram comes and says we are married now. What is the surprise now? Pihu gives him juice. Vikram asks him to drink it. Pihu tells them that they have planned a honeymoon trip for them. Mayra says, a perfect honeymoon trip. Ram says, it is fantastic idea, but where are we going? Give me the tickets. Khush says, he got the car decorated with tickets inside.

    Ram says, I am game for this. It is a lovely idea. Priya asks, where are we going? I have to do the packing. Dadi says, packing is done. Ram says, this is amazing. You guys are too good.

Vikram asks him to do the jogging there. Ram says, it can’t happen as I have promised someone that I won’t change. Kids say ohhhhhhh. Pihu asks them to leave else they will miss the flight. Priya says, she will write down the list of Dadi and Maa’s medicines and also about baby. Kids say they know and asks them to go. Vikram asks them to stay lovingly and not to fight. Ram says, we will only love each other now. Krishnaji says, you both look good. Ram thanks them. Priya says, love you. They leaves.
Ram and Priya are going to the airport in the decorated car with Just remarried board. Priya asks Ram to do exercise and follow strict diet. Ram says, he can’t do. He is following strict wife. Ram says, this is not fair. Priya says, can’t you agree to my requests. Ram says no. They argue and start fighting. Priya says come on. They laugh.

Ram tells the viewers that their journey has ended. Priya thanks for showering love on them. Ram says, for all the love that you have for your spouses. Priya says, for all the love that you guys have given to us. We want to say you people bade acche lagte hain……A clipping is shown of the show. Priya tells thank you. This marks the end of the show. Bade Achhe Lagte Hain has ended on a happy note with Ram and Priya getting remarried.
Show ended..

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th July 2014 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th July 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram asking Juhi, how many times she wants to marry. Juhi asks him to shut up and says Rajeev and Sid married her, but you never accepted me. I hate that. Ram says, I wanted to know that. I have enough witnesses.   

Priya says, your trick was failed. You tried to win Ram, but you forgot that we are best friend first. She says, love can fail, but not friendship. You have failed. Don’t try to break us. This is our plan to bring out the truth.   

Inspector arrests Juhi and takes her with them. Everyone is happy. Ram asks Priya that did you understand why I invited Juhi here. This was the wedding gift for you. Priya thanks her. Priya thanks the guests for coming.   

Rajeev asks Ram to give him his reward. Ram calls the commissioner. Commissioner asks the constable to arrest him. Rajeev says, this is betrayal. Ram says, I am keeping you with your wife.   

Pihu says, Papa you are my rockstar and mom is my supermom. She says your plan was wonderful. Natasha bua is right. You guys make a perfect couple. I love you mom. Priya imagines little Pihu saying her I love you and gets emotional. Pihu hugs her.   

Mayra and Pihu argue about the mehendi designs. Priya asks them to keep quiet and asks them to make circles on her palm. Pihu says, this is your marriage. Mayra says, we want your wedding to be properly done. Priya says, I will decide. She smiles and looks at Ram smilingly. Bade Achhe Lagte Hain plays…………….Ram looks at her lovingly. Pihu and Mayra ask Ram to have mehendi done on his hands. Ram says, are you mad? Pihu asks him to have Priya’s initials on his hand. Priya asks him to get the mehendi done. Priya smiles looking at him. Ram and Priya get each other initials written on their hands. Song plays Mehendi soniya………….   

Priya takes a quick nap. Vikram asks, what happened. Ram says, we are tired. Khush says, we thought to have fun. Sid says, we can’t have fun without you both. Priya says, she is too tried and would like to sleep. She says, even Mr. Kapoor is tired, let them sleep. Vikram jokes on Ram and says his face will get swollen. Natasha asks Ram to get good sleep. Priya asks Ram to come.   

Ram and Priya goes to their room. Priya sees the gifts and bouquets from their kids. She says, so sweet.She tells that their kids have made their remarriage special. She says, I feel so proud and nice. They have done so much for mehendi ceremony. She says, I just hope that they won’t embarassed us after our wedding. I just hope it is not too embarassing. Ram says, it was your idea. Bear it.   

Priya says, I didn’t know that they will do it so grandly. Ram says, they are his kids. Priya says, I know looking at the candles. She says, when Juhi came there, she got scared. I must say my Ram Kapoor is very smart. Ram says, I know. Priya says, it was our plan. She asks him to change the clothes.

Vikram tells the family that Sid suggested to take Rajeev’s help. Ram liked the idea. Mamaji says, I knew it. Nobody can do anything wrong with Kapoors. He says, I went to make Juhi understand sometimes. Sid says, thank God everything went on well. Vikram wishes best for Ram and Priya.   

Pihu says, she is thinking to go on a long vacation. Mayra says wow. Natasha asks, what about Ram and Priya’s honeymoon. Vikram says, Ram won’t agree. Pihu says, mom won’t agree. Khush says, we won’t take the honeymoon name. We will tell them that it will be a relaxing trip.

Pihu says, she will tell her parents. Vikram asks them not to wake up Ram. They goes to wake up Ram. Vikram asks them not to do this. Mamaji asks Sid to enjoy it. Sid says, don’t disturb them. Natasha says, it is getting too much. Mayra says, we are their kids. We can trouble them. Vikram says, they will get angry on us. Khush says, their remarriage event will be more enjoyable. They open the door and finds them sleeping.   

Pihu tells Vikram that Ram is snoring. Mamaji says, you should have decorated my room. He says, he was joking. Ram and Priya are seen sleeping.

Krishnaji asks, have you done the work. Mayra says, it will be done. Dadi asks Mayra to call everyone. Mamaji comes and greets everyone. Dadi asks, where is my Golu. Today is my Golu’s wedding. I got his favourite parathas prepared. Mamaji asks Dadi to get him married soon. Dadi says, she will soon get him married after Ram.
Priya and Ram comes. Ram gets excited to see Parathas. Priya tells Dadi that Ram is not exercising at all and you are doubling his size. Dadi says, today is his marriage. And asks Priya to eat ghee parathas. Priya says, I am fine. Vikram says, Dadi asked you to become Golu like Ram. Kids hurriedly eat the food. Ram says, it is good that groom and bride doesn’t have to work. Ram and Priya smiles looking at each other.   

Ram and Priya get married infront of their family members. Priya’s parents are seen too. Some mantras are being played while Ram and Priya are taking the rounds.
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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th July 2014 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th July 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya waking up in the morning and finding herself in a guest room. She remembers Ram was feeding her icecream yesterday night and thinks he must have brought her here. She calls Ram and goes out to search him. As soon as she goes out, Ram comes in and searches Priya. Priya searches Ram in children’s room and does not find him, she goes out to check in garden. She hears rain sound and reminisces her good old days with Ram, requesting him to play in rain with her. She starts playing in rain happily. Ram comes, sees her enjoying rain, brings umbrella for her and scolds her that she will fall ill. Priya says she is not like him and likes enjoying rain, asks him to feel the rain. Pihu and Natasha see them in rain, and Pihu says they both are not following customs and rituals at all. Natasha says their love is their custom and ritual and let them enjoy the happier moment and takes Pihu from there. Ram also takes Priya in.

Priya changes her clothes, starts sneezing, sees Ram staring at her, and asks sorry for for drenching in rain as she knows he is annoyed now. Ram says when she can read his mind, why does she ask. She asks how did he feel the rain today. He says it spoilt the ground and says she would have enjoyed shower instead. Priya says he spoilt the feeling which she got now, says she is rethinking about marrying him now. Ram says we are already married and have 3 kids now, he is just remarrying her on her insistence. She asks to tell frankly after somany years, how did he feel the rain. Ram says he felt it is beautiful as she was drenching in rain. Pihu comes and asks Priya to come out for mehandi ceremony.

Mamaji sees Juhi walking around tensely counts her steps. Juhi asks what is he doing. He says she must have walked 2.5 km. Juhi says he is right, Ram must be just trying to frighten her, but then thinks what if he is doing it really. She calls someone and calls him to reach Ram’s home. Mama thinks he should run from there before Ram catches him.

Khush explains security gaurds not to allow anyboy in without invitation cards. He asks Sid if he got any information. Sid says he got an info about photographer who morphed pics, but Ram is telling he will handle everything. Khush says Ram is always inpredictible.

Ram, Priya and everyone are in marriage venue. Priya asks how is he feeling. He says he feels good. Priya says he does evertyhing according to his size, the morning he brought big umbrella and now this big fat wedding.

Vikram sees Khush, Pihu and Myra enjoying photosession and says marriage environment is infectious. Pihu jokes if Priya decides for a swayamwar, he will lose his chance. Ram calls all the guests and says he has a small surprise for his wife, before Priya’s hand is colured with mehandi, he wants to colour it with is love. He tries to put ring on her finger when Juhi comes with police and asks Ram to stop, but Ram continues with his ritual of exchanging ring. Priya says it is very beautiful. Everyone clap for them. Sid says Juhi that she is shameless to come here and asks her to go out. Ram says Sid that she is his guest and asks Juhi why did she come with security, there was no need for it. Juhi asks Ram how can he marry without divorcing her. Sid says she was married to him, not Ram. Juhi asks him to stay out of his as he does not have any proof. She asks Ram to sign divorce papers and give her alimony money. Ram says she thinks everyone duffer and she is smart and asks when did he marry her. Juhi says she has photographic evidence and guests who attended her marriage. She calls a guest around who says he attended their marriage. Ram asks if they had court marriage. Juhi says no. Ram says he will ruin her plan now and asks Vikram to bring someone. Vikram brings Rajeev. Juhi gets tensed. Ram asks her who is Rajeev. Juhi says he is her ex-husband and came just for money. Rajeev says she is married to him and not Ram. Ram says she is such a greedy woman that she married him, Rajeev and Sid which is wrong according to law. Juhi says he cannot do this to her, she married Rajeev, Sid, but could not get him even now. Ram says that is what he wanted to hear from her.

Rajeev say Ram now that he did his job, he needs reward. Ram calls commissioner and gets him arrested. Rajeev says Ram betrayed him. Ram says he is rewarding him by sending him to be with his wife in jail.

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th July 2014 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th July 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Priya asking Ram, where he went? Ram says, he went to invite a special someone because of whom he is getting married again. Vikram asks, who? Ram says, he invited Juhi. Pihu asks, why did you call her. You know well that she will create problems.Vikram asks him to tell clearly. Ram says, I won’t tell so early. You people think about it. Pihu and Khush go to do the work. Priya gets stressed. She tells Vikram that she hopes Ram’s decision is not wrong. Vikram says, Ram is very smart. Don’t take any tension. Priya smiles.
Mamaji comes to meet Juhi and asks what happened. Juhi asks, what is going on in that house. Mamaji says, I don’t know. Juhi informs him that Ram and Priya are getting remarried. Mamaji looks surprised. Juhi says, Ram gave her wedding invitation. She tells him that Ram challenged her that she can’t do anything. She says, Ram might have planned something big and asks Mamaji to find out about it, Mamaji says, if he marries Priya then you can’t do anything.   

Khush and Pihu hide something from Ram and Priya. Khush tells Ram that you both can’t live together tonight. Pihu says, it is not auspicious to stay together before marriage. Ram says, we are not boy and a girl. Khush asks him to agree and calls his helpers. Vikram takes Ram with him while Mayra and Pihu take Priya with them.   

Ram scolds Vikram for taking Khush and Pihu’s side and calls him enemy. Vikram asks him to sleep else his marriage will be delayed. Priya asks Pihu and Mayra to leave her hand. She says, I need to change my clothes. Natasha comes. Priya says, I thought Mr. Kapoor came. Natasha says, I came. Priya says, her kids are not allowing her to go. Mayra says, we trust you, but not dad. We don’t want him to break the custom. Natasha supports the girls.   

Ram knocks on the door. Pihu opens the door and says I told you naa that you won’t get entry here. Ram gives her medicines and asks her to feed Priya. Pihu comes to Priya and says papa gave this medicines for you. Priya says, I don’t drink this medicine. Pihu asks her to drink. Natasha insists too. They makes her take the medicine forcibly.

Pihu tells Khush that the baby will be lucky to see her grand parents marriage. They smiles.

Ram asks Vikram to go from the room. Vikram asks him to give a reason and says I need to keep an eye on Priya. Ram asks him to go and says Priya will be here in sometime. Vikram says, kids will think me loser if I doesn’t stay with you. Ram asks him to go. Vikram goes.   

Priya gets up in the middle of night and wonders where is Ram? She feels a hangover and goes to call Ram. Pihu comes back and wakes up Natasha and Mayra. Natasha asks her to let it be. Pihu says, what about customs and rituals? Natasha says, tomorrow will be an important day and asks her to sleep. Pihu sleeps.   

Priya goes to Ram. Ram smiles. Priya asks, why you are smiling? You are making fun of me. Ram makes her sit and says he was smiling just like that. Priya says I am angry at you. I have 5 problems. You fight with me daily, don’t agree with me, doesn’t say sorry. doesn’t pick my call and lastly why you invited Juhi for our marriage. Ram says, tomorrow is our marriage.   

Priya asks, aren’t we married? Ram says, we are getting remarried. It was your plan to teach a lesson to Juhi. Priya says, she wants to eat icecream. Ram says, we can’t get icecream now. Priya pretends to cry. Ram says, I will bring icecream and asks her to sit until he comes back.

Priya waits for Ram. Ram comes back after buying icecream. Priya says, so sweet and thanks him. She asks him, why there is silence outside. Ram says, everyone is sleeping as it is night. Priya asks him never to get thin. She says, you looks good fatty. Ram asks her not to change. She says, I wants to enjoy rain with you. Ram says, it is not possible. No means no. Priya says then I won’t have icecream. She insists him. Ram asks her to have icecream first and then sleep. He makes her eat icrecream. BALH plays………………….Priya says, yummy icecream.   

Ram tells that he wants to make Priya’s hands immersed in his love. He asks May I? Priya goes towards him. Everyone applaud for them. Juhi comes and asks Ram to stop. Everyone looks shocked.
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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd July 2014 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd July 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Pihu talking to Khush and getting on Juhi for trying to come back to stay with them, says she is not ashamed. Khush says he is also thinking same and wants to know Juhi’s intention. Pihu says even Priya wants to know the same. Khush says we get positive vibes when we are with baby. Pihu smiles and says yes.

Priya is tense remembering Juhi’s threats. Ram is also tense on the side. Khush sees Sid talking to someone and asks if he was busy. Sid says Ram has given him responsibility to tackle Juhi and is using all his contacts to tackle her. Khush says he came to talk about same. Sid says Juhi is thinking Ram and Priya as soft hearted people and cannot harm her, but I will harm her and prove Ram that I am his brother. Khush says Sid used to tell he is proud of him, but now he is proud of Sid and hugs Khush happily.

Rest comming soon.
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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd July 2014 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd July 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Priya serving parathas to her family. Khush says he cannot have parathas as he has gained 2 kilos. Pihu starts taunting him. Khush asks her to have her food. Pihu says Khush was decorating baby’s pram whole night as it was baby’s one week birthday. Myra praises him for being such a good father. Priya says Khush there is nothing embarrassing in decorating pram. Ram says Khush is like him. Priya says Khush will become a better father than him. Juhi comes there, mamaji hides his face seeing her. Priya asks what is she doing here. Sid says priya we should kick her out from our house. Juhi asks his house???? and says she is back to stay here. Priya asks if she is thinking we will forgive her and let her stay here. Juhi says I have come here to stay here and have right on many things of this house and people. Ram asks her to get out else, he will kick out. Juhi says he is her husband and will prove the world soon.

Priya is tensed remembering Juhi’s words. Khush and Pihu come there. Pihu asks if she tensed thinking about Juhi’s words. and says Juhi doesn’t deserve our attenion and says she just wants to tense you. Khush says Pihu is right and dad is there for you. Priya says she is worried now. Khush says you should stop thinking and go on a romantic dinner with dad. Priya says I will not think now and says we all think of each other. Khush says she is most important for them.

Mamaji thinks what is Juhi thinking of doing it. Lawyer comes and says he wants to meet Ram. Mamaji asks if he knows Ram. He says no. Mamaji says I am Ram, but changes his words seeing Ram. Lawyer says Ram that he brought a legal notice for throwing his wife out of house. Ram says my wife is Priya. Lawyer says she is your first wife and is already divorced. Ram says he did not divorce her. Lawyer shows him divorce papers which Ram ashtonishingly sees. He then shows Ram’s and Juhi’s marriage pics. Ram says he just sat in mantap bud did not marry her. Lawyer says court just needs evidence and reason, his client got a reason also that Priya was in coma during marriage. Juhi comes there. Lawyer says Juhi will come and stay with them after 3 days. Ram angrily says he will kick him out. Priya asks him to calm down, else we will have a legal action. Ram says I cannot let Juhi in, else she will conspire again. Priya says we will think about it later. She says lawyer that we will meet you in court. Lawyer says she is more intelligent than her ex-husband. Juhi says I told you I will not let you be in peace. Priya asks lawyer to explain his client that she will speak to her in court. Lawyer says these people got our message and lets go now. They both leave.

Mamaji stops Juhi and says Ram will kill you. Juhi says ram cannot do her anything and says mamaji changed his party and to go and help Priya. Mamaji he is helping truth. She says he is his enemy now and wait for the consequences.

Priya says Pihu that she is tensed about the divorce papers which they did not tear and it looks like Juhi’s planning was going on since a long time, we thought she was behind money, but now it is different. She says we tolerated Juhi all these days thinking she took care of our children, but now things have gone out of control. Pihu says I am afraid Ram will overreact, we should find out what Juhi is up to. Priya says Juhi thinks I am the reason for all her losses, even Rajiv being behind bar. Pihu asks her to think something with to solve this problem at once. Priya says she will think something.

Sid says Ram how dare Juhi to think like this when she is already married to me, she did not let me legalize our marriage when I insisted many times. He says he will do something now.

Mamaji talks to someone and says he is confused whom to help, Priya or Juhi and asks if he is old now. He says if he helps Juhi, Ram will be angry and even Sid who was behind you will be angry. Even Priya will be angry on me and will try to take revenge. Juhi told she will give me share in profit, but she will give it when she gets it. He cannot live his life in this house, but is okay. Mamaji is talking to a doll.

Priya sees Ram tensed and says she knows he is tensed about Juhi and says we both can handle this peacefully. Ram says I am angry on our legal system which believes on a piece of paper, he was quiet all these days thinking Juhi is a lady, but she crossed her barrier, now he will destroy her. Priya asks him to calm down and says he is sweating now, not to take so much tension. Ram says she takes such a good care of her and asks her to promise not to leave him alone. Priya says she promises and they both hug. Bade achhe lagte hain… song plays in the background.

Precap: Ram says nobody can separate us. Priya asks why is he thinking negative. Ram asks then why is this happening. Priya says when we are together, then there is no need to worry.
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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st July 2014 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st July 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Pihu telling Kady and Khush that all these gifts were gifted by Ram. She asks Kady to be careful as when baby smiles in sleep, she will poop. Khush asks baby to poop. Kady gets Vikram’s call and informs him that baby just slept now and says it would have been better if he would ahve come there. Vikram says he is busy at office and asks if they can video chat instead. Khush says it is a good idea and he will switch on his laptop. Vikram sees baby holding Kady’s finger and gets emotional saying Sammy used to hold his finger like that.

Ram sees Mamaji talking to someone and asks him why did he make a fraud at office. Mamaji says he came under Juhi’s sweet talks when she requested him to rescue her, else he knows how much he loves him. Ram says he will take legal action if he repeats his mistake.   

Juhi meets Prya and shouts at her that Ram put her husband behind bars. Priya asks her to lower her voice as she does not want anybody shouting at her house. She says her husband got punishment for his deeds and says she is very happy they are being punished and if they continue their bad deeds and don’t realize their mistake, she don’t know what will happen to them.   

Juhi asks Priya to think of herself as she will ruin her and Ram. Priya says she knows what she can do, if she wanted to do something, she would not have come and shouting here, would have done already. She further says everything happens according to fate and until god decides, nothing can happen to them. Juhi says what she and Ram did to her and Rajeev, they will pay for it. Priya says we were friends once and because of that, she can forgive her and ask Ram to bail Rajeev so that they can live in peace and let her and her family live in peace. Juhi says there is no need of that, she will handle it in her way and warns that she will destroy her and Ram’s life.   

Pihu sees Juhi going out and asks her to stop. Priya stops Pihu and asks her not to think about Juhi. Pihu says she cannot see someone talking rudely to her and that too Juhi who ruined their family’s happiness, she will ask Ram to destroy Juhi. Priya says Juhi was with us for so many years and your dad will not do wrong to Pihu as he is good guy. Pihu says how can they tolerate people like these. Priya says to do that, we have to change our values and asks Pihu to stop giving importance to Juhi and to give importance to baby as she is most important in our lives now.   

Mamaji takes baby from Pihu and says Pihu that she is looking bawaal, says in punjabi bawaal means beautiful. Pihu asks him to hold baby nicely and goes from there. Mamaji sees cockroach and step on sofa. Khush, Myra and Pihu come there and ask mamaji why is he on sofa. Mamaji says baby asked him. They ask him to go and have his medicine. Khush says it is a dummy cockroach.   

Priya remembers Juhi’s words that she will destroy her and Ram. Ram sees her tense and asks what is she thinking. Priya says sometime we can’t handle people harming us and we try to explain them, but they end up harming us. Ram asks her to speak clearly. Priya says Juhi warned to take revenge, but I tried to explain her to stay calm, she will ask Ram to bail out Rajeev, but she did not hear her and wants to snatch our happiness. Ram asks her to relax and it does not matter to them. Priya says he is right and is a right person for her.   

Juhi reminisces Ram’s words that she cannot think of being equal to Priya and Priya’s words of live and let them live peacefully, ram’s words that she cannot do anything to him. She thinks Ram cannot insult her like that every time, she sacrificed a lot for his family and gave her 8 years to him. She thinks Ram is not intelligent as he thinks, she challenges him to destroy him and has made a foolproof plan.   

Khush sees Pihu sleeping and brings a toy for baby. Pihu wakes up and sees Khush standing near baby’s cradle. She asks what is he doing and what is he hiding. She sees balloons and asks why did he bring them. Khush says it is baby’s first month birthday. They both wish baby happy birthday.   

Mamaji meets Juhi and asks her why is she so tensed. Juhi says she is thinking how to bail out Rajeev. Mamaji says she was in love with kapoor men and now she is in love with someone else. Juhi says she wants to destroy kapoor men, so she believed him and took his help. Mamaji says he is a nice man and why would he help. Juhi says she took him in her plan to destroy Ram. Mamaji says Ram will cut your feathers if he knows your plan and asks what is your plan. Juhi says a big blast will happen and asks mamaji to reach kapoor mansion and she will come behind him.
Precap: Ram says Priya she takes care of him well and asks her to promise she will not let him alone. Priya promises and hugs him.
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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th June 2014 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th June 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Ram coming back home. Pihu and Khush are playing with the baby. Ram asks, who will sleep with the baby tonight. Whose turn is today. Pihu says, they are not fighting. Khush says, never, we won’t do that. We are taking care of baby together. Ram goes to change his clothes.   

He calls Priya. Priya asks, how was your trip? Ram says, it was good. He asks her, how this happened. Khush and Pihu are not fighting with each other. Priya says, I made a plan with Vikram so that they realize their mistake. Ram says, I told you one plan naa. Priya says, I used your plan, but it doesn’t work. Ram says, you tried to be superior than me. Priya says, she tried your plan, but it didn’t work. Ram says sorry and asks her to look at the surprise. Priya refuses. Ram takes out a ring. Priya smiles. Bade Achhe Lagte Hain plays………………..       

Mayra calls Khush and asks him, did you issue cheques recently. Khush says yes. Mayra tells him that money is much. Khush goes to office and asks Pihu to take care of baby.

Rajeev and Juhi drink champagne. Juhi says, I didn’t know that your idea would work. Rajeev gives her credit as she made him forge Ram’s signatures. Juhi says, you would have tried this idea before. Rajeev says, it takes time to do some illegal work so legally. He tells that his forge signatures was perfect that bank couldn’t figure out. He says, I closed the old account. Juhi says, let Mamaji do the work then we will get the money and leave this city. We will be millionaire. Rajeev says, we can do that. We have looted Ram and can live anywhere luxuriously. Juhi asks him to buy an island. Rajiv says, we shall buy cruise ship. Juhi praises his idea.   

Ram comes to Priya and asks what are you hiding. Priya says, I can’t tell you this as I have an another life. Ram says, I can’t believe this. Priya asks him not to trust much on anyone. Ram says, I gets scared of your anger. Priya says, you are the one with whose anger, I gets scared the most. They argue with each other. Priya asks him to accept that he fights with her. Ram says, it is not like that.   

Khush and Mayra see the bank details. Khush says, let me call the bank and calls the manager. Manager says, it is Chandresh account, but it is closed now. Khush tells Mayra that person is smart. Khush, Mayra and Sid go to Ram and Mayra tells him that someone withdraw a heavy sum from their company account. Priya says, who can do that. Khush says, he closed the account too. Ram says, I think I know who can do this. Priya says, we can take the action naa. Ram says, not now. We have to catch this person red handed. He asks them to chill.
Rajeev and Juhi come to the bank. Juhi goes to attend the call. Rajeev tells the teller that he wants to transfer the money in his international account and is closing his local account. He wants the accountant to do fast. Ram comes there and says your tickets are done. Rajeev gets tensed. Juhi hides seeing Ram. Rajeev asks, what do you mean. Ram says, what you have thought that you will escaped. He asks the police to take him.   

Juhi comes out and asks Ram, how dare you do this. Ram says, you really surprised me. I did so much for you. I treated you like a family member and you betrayed me. Juhi says, you cheated me. You kept me in your house for your selfishness, so that I can be the mother for your kids. Ram says, you can’t even touch Priya’s reflection. You will be alone after Rajeev gets jailed. He says, you can’t do anything. Juhi looks annoyed.   

Khush comes home and tells Priya that Dad went alone to catch the culprit. Mayra worries for him. Priya says, he can handle alone. Don’t worry. Natasha says, nobody can cheat Bhai in business. Pihu brings baby. Baby cries. Pihu says, she is fine. Ram comes back home and seems tensed. Priya goes to talk to him.   

Mamaji comes to meet Juhi and says I told you that I can’t come to meet you in day time. Juhi tells him that Ram got Rajeev arrested and he was in jail. Mamaji gets surprised. Juhi says, I need your help to take revenge. Mamaji says, do you want me to go to jail. Juhi says, I won’t lose everytime. Mamaji says, spare me. Juhi says, you have to go if Rajeev doesn’t come out. I will go to jail and will take you too. She says, you taught me how to forge the signatures. Mamaji gets shocked and says you are blackmailing me. Juhi says, no I am seeking your help else I have to blackmail you. She asks him to give news of Kapoor Mansion to her. Mamaji nods in a yes.   

Priya comes to Ram. Ram says, Juhi and Rajeev are doing fraud in his company. Priya says, why you are surprised as I told you already. Ram says, I know that, but I was shocked. They should have asked money from me. Priya asks him, not to feel guilty and says your heart knows that you gave so much to Juhi. She says, this is her choice to take revenge. She didn’t use our kids though. She says, now our kids know the truth. We don’t need them. It is all fine, okay. Ram looks on sadly.
Juhi says to Priya that she will get the happiness, her way. She says, I will ruin you and Ram. She warns her to just wait and watch.
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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th June 2014 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th June 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Ram asking Priya to tell her secret. Natasha comes there is about to the secret, but Priya disconnects call. Priya asks Natasha why did she want to reveal the secret and says she wants to see Ram’s expression when he sees surprise. Natasha then asks Priya why did she hid from her that it was her plan that Vikram took baby with him. Priya apologizes. Natasha says she is glad she did that and starts praising her for her courage and says she is a supermom. Priya says she was worried how Pihu and Khush would react, but she is glad her plan worked out. She is now waiting to see Ram’s expression when he comes back.

Myra dances on Ni mai kamli… song. Khush says she is doing wrong steps. Myra says she is excited as Dhoom 3 is coming on TV.

Mama speaks with someone on phone that he will do his work and to disconnect call. He thinks what is he doing, instead of thinking of him benefit, he is thinking of somebody else’s.

Priya sees Pihu happily showing her teddy to baby and says she is happy seeing that and says she is sure Pihu would protect the baby in the future. Pihu says she will and praises Priya protecting her always. Priya says we think in our younger days someone else as our role model, but when we become parents, we realize our parents are our role model. Pihu says she is lucky to have both her and Ram as her role model. Priya says yes she is extremely lucky.

Priya sees mamaji silently walking out of house and calls him. Mamaji says he was going out on an important work. Priya says when people think of conspiring something, they go out like this silently. Mamaji says it is a beautiful weather outside with cool breeze, so he wants to take his girlfriend out and buy her corn. Priya says she wanted to give him his wallet as she found it near his room door. Mamaji says he has credit card. Priya says he may need change to buy corn. Mamaji takes wallet and goes out. Priya thinks he is for sure conspiring something when we all are busy with baby now.

Rest comming soon.
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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th June 2014 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th June 2014 Written Update 

The episode starts with Kady seen playing with the baby. Khush comes and says he wants to talk to Vikram. Kady says he is upside. Soham meets Vikram and says he wants to take back baby home. Vikram says baby is at her home and asks what he relationship he has with the baby. Khush says he was about to marry Suhani. Vikram says he had did not have a formal relationship with Suhani, baby is Suhani and Sammy’s kid, so he is not her father. He says he and Pihu does not know to take care of baby and asks him to tell Pihu that if she wants baby, she can come and stay at Shergill house.

Priya meets Natasha and says she is worried about Pihu and Khush fighting for the baby. Natasha says it is obvious as they are kapoors. Priya says Vikram must have taken baby for a reason. She is worried about Pihu because of her possessive nature. Natasha asks her to speak to them once. She says she will try.

Pihu comes to Khush’s room and sees him sadly sitting without a baby. She asks why did not he bring baby back and if Vikram kicked him out. They both start fighting when Priya comes and asks them to stop fighting to prove each other right. She says Khush he asked if she loves Pihu or him more and says for a mother, even if there are 10 kids, all are equal. She asks them to understand that they both don’t love baby, but just want to get it for their ego and says baby belongs to Suhani, but she is silent. She says they both don’t deserve baby and asks them to patch up. Pihu angrily goes out saying she does not want to patch up with Khush. Khush says Priya that he will speak to Pihu as a brother and asks her to relax.

Khush comes to Pihu’s room. She says she does not want to fight with him. He says even he does not want to fight him. He says Vikram will not give baby if we go separately, so we should go together. Pihu says if she goes alone, Vikram will give baby to her, but mom is right, baby belongs to grandfather after her parents. Khush says we both were immature to fight. Pihu asks him not to fight again if the baby comes back. Khush says he will not as she is his baby sister and they both are in same team. Pihu says hope Vikram dad gives back baby.

Pihu and Khush meet Vikram and request him to give back the baby to them. Vikram asks if they will fight again after going back. Khush says they will not and will promise to take care of baby and not fight again. Priya comes and asks Vikram not to believe them and to take their signs on legal papers. She says she made this drama with Vikram to stop them from fighting. Pihu says it is not fair. Priya says it was necessary as we sometimes get obsessive and it is not a healthy sign, especially for baby, to prove each one right, they were fighting, so she thought of making them realize the true meaning of parent’s love, so she made this plan with Vikram. She asks Vikram again to make a condition to upbring baby together. Khush says he will promise. Priya asks if he does not, then? Vikram says he will bring back the baby home and will never give her. Pihu says they will not fight again. Khush thanks Priya and Vikram for being there to control and teach them. Vikram asks Khush to thank only Priya.

Priya calls Ram and says she is missing him and to come back soon, she is not feeling good without him. He says even he is not feeling good, but work is important. Ram says he has a surprise for her. Priya says no more suprises as she knows he would have bought a company, car, house, etc. Ram asks it is bad that she guesses always and says this time she can’t guess right as he has thought like Priya Ram Kapoor this time. She says he must have bought some inexpensive but special thing. Ram asks if she can see from phone. She says his heart tells her everything. Ram asks tell her secret first as her heart also says him everything.

Natasha asks Priya to tell her surprise to Ram on phone. Priya says I want to see the expression on his face personally…
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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th June 2014 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th June 2014 Written Update 

The episode starts with Mamaji taking photos from wall photos. Priya asks, what are you doing. Mamaji stammers and says I told you naa about my love. She is simple, family girl and wants to know about my family that’s why I was taking the photos. Priya says, let Mr. Kapoor come. I will settle your thing. Mamaji says, settle means. Priya says, I will settle you in life. I will get you married soon. She says, let Ram come. I will get you married soon. Mamaji asks, how is love related to marriage and refuses to marry. Priya asks him to marry and change his thinking. She asks him to make the arrangements for marriage. She thinks, something is going on in his mind and wonders what is he planning this time.   

Vikram brings baby home. Cady says, she is so cute and holds the baby. She talks to the baby. Vikram smiles. Cady asks, what happened. Vikram says, Khush and Pihu are fighting like kids for the baby and are acting selfish. They don’t care for baby. He says, I don’t want baby to live there. He says, now Pihu and Khush will realize their mistake. They will come after resolving their differences to take her home. Baby smiles. Cady asks him not to take tension about the baby.   

Priya thinks about Ram’s words regarding Pihu’s custody in Pihu’s childhood. She then recalls Pihu and Khush arguing for baby. Pihu and Khush are sad. Khush recalls proposing Suhani and cries. He recalls Suhani telling Sammy that she loves Khush. Pihu cries holding her soft toy.
Priya comes and asks her to have food. Pihu says, mom I want baby back. I miss her so much. You know when I saw her for the first time, I was very upset, but then when you asked me to take her in my lap. I felt so good. I felt as if my Sammy came back to me. I wanted to love, pamper and play with her. Vikram Dad took her from here. Priya says, think where you were wrong and asks her to rectify her mistake. Pihu says, I thought I will take the baby to Dubai to show my favourite toys in the shop and now nothing can happen. Priya asks her to think practically. Pihu says, there is no solution for this problem. She cries. Priya leaves from there.
She sees Khush going from there. She says, I want to talk to you. Khush goes without talking to her.

Vikram shows baby to Sammy’s pic and says I brought her home. Your daughter is very sweet. He says, baby smiled when I said she is sweet. He talks about her. He introduces her to Sammy’s photo and tells her about Sammy. He gets emotional and says Sammy you went early. You should have experienced fatherhood and gets changed.
He promises to do the good upbringing of his baby and asks Sammy to send lots of love for her.

    Pihu thinks, everyone is selfish here. Nobody cares for me. Khush comes and blames her. Pihu says, I am immature, but why you didn’t behave maturely. Khush says, baby was here because of me. I wish Priya angel didn’t have given baby to you that day.

Mamaji talks to someone and tells that he lied to Priya and she asked him to let her meet with his love. He sees Sid behind him and turns. He asks, when did you come? Mamaji says, you are spying on me like Priya. Sid says, everything happened because of me. Sid leaves. Mamaji says, everyone come to me as if I am a magnet.
Khush comes to Priya and says I am telling you, this is not right. Priya asks, why you are telling me. Khush says, you could have stopped Vikram uncle. Priya says, this is happening because of you and Pihu. She asks Khush and Pihu to apologize to Vikram. Khush says, I will go alone. Pihu has nothing to do with this. He says, you should have taken my side. Priya says, you are my son too. Khush says, you never took my side. You always take her side. Priya asks, are you mad? I love you both. She asks him to behave maturely. She says, Pihu is also pained like you. Khush says, I know you will take Pihu’s side. I will go to Vikram uncle’s house and bring baby home.

Pihu comes and asks Priya. Priya says, he went to Vikram’s house to bring baby. Pihu blames Priya for trusting Khush and taking her side.

Priya asks, are you mad too? You are blaming me. She asks her to aside her differences and bring baby home. Pihu says, he didn’t take me as he don’t want to take me. She asks her to explain to Khush. She says, you always favoured him. Priya says, oh God. What happened to you both. I have taken the right decision. She says, it is good that Vikram took the baby as he understands that nobody loves in this house. Pihu gets sad. She says, I will go to Vikram’s house if Khush fails to bring the baby. Pihu goes inside.

Priya says,Vikram is doing right thing as he wants to take her legally. She asks them to patch up. Pihu refuses to patch up and says she will go and bring the baby home alone.
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Monday, 23 June 2014

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd June 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Khush taking baby at a business meeting. He excuses his colleagues during the meeting once baby starts crying and goes to his cabin. He tries to console baby and sees baby has wetted herself.

Priya thinks Khush has not come home after visiting doctor. She calls doctor and is surprised to hear that Khush did not visit her. She calls Myra and asks about Khush.

Vikram sees Khush changing baby’s nappy and suggest him to pat her dry with tissue paper before that. Once he dries and makes her wear diaper, baby peacefully sleeps. Khush prays Vikram for his tip and says he has a lot of experience handling kids. Vikram sees him sad then and asks what happened. Khush says Pihu has changed and tells him the incidents happened. Vikram says he will talk to Pihu. Khush says it is okay and says he completely forgot that Vikram is also part of baby and apologizes for ignoring him. Vikram gets happy and says he is proud of him like Sammy.

Myra and Khush come home. They both pamper and play with the baby. Pihu comes and requests Khush to give baby to her. Khush does not agree.

Priya informs Vikram that she is upset regarding Khush and Pihu’s possessiveness for baby and says Khush instead of taking baby to doctor went to his office. She further says that Pihu hid baby’s medicine to prove Khush wrong and they both forgot to give medicine to baby. Vikram says how can they be so careless, he will talk to them.

Vikram brings lawyer to Priya’s house and asks lawyer to read the court orders. Lawyer says as per law Vikram has the most right on baby as baby’s is Sammy’s child and can take her custody. Pihu says she is Sammy’s child and is her legal guardian. Khush says child is Suhani’s baby and he was about to marry Suhani. Vikram says he gave them baby just to take care, but now he wants her back. Pihu again says she is Sammy’s wife. Lawyer says she can legally go and stay at Shergill house will baby. Khush asks why did he lie to him that he thinks him as Sammy. Vikram says he does not want to talk about it and will take baby with him for sure.

Khush gives Vikram baby’s item list and tells him baby’s likes and dislikes. Vikram takes list and tries to take baby. Khush begs him not to take baby as he cannot live without her. Vikram says even he cannot live with it, he gave baby to take care, but they started fighting for her. He says he knows how to take care of baby better than him as he took care of his own 3 babies. He says they both became selfish and instead of taking care started forcing themselves on baby. He takes baby with him while Khush pleads and crying not to take baby with him.

Pihu requests Priya to stop Vikram taking baby with him. Priya says even she would have done the same after seeing them fighting for the baby. Pihu says it is Sammy’s last evidence. Priya says when Vikram took baby for the first them, even he would have felt she is Sammy’s last evidence but left her with you thinking you would take care of her, but you started being egoistic and selfish. She says you behaved so badly in front of Vikram, she is feeling guilty for letting the baby with her. Pihu says she cannot understand it as she is not in her place. Priya remembers giving Pihu’s custody to Ram and says Pihu she can understand better as she gave her to Ram in her childhood. She says she wished you and Khush would have tried to love the baby instead of fighting for it, she cannot help now. Pihu sadly goes from there.

Precap: Pihu says Priya that she thought of taking baby to Dubai and show her favorite toys in book shop. Pihu says there is a solution for every problem. Pihu says she is the biggest problem herself and everything is happening because of her..
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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th June 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Myra trying to write an assay on Maha rana pratap and wasting so many papers. Khush comes with baby and asks her why is she wasting papers. Myra says she has to write an assay about Maha rana pratap but is not getting a proper idea. Khush says he will tell her about Pratap and tells he was a great warrior of India.

Pihu is happily playing with the baby. She shows her album to Natasha and her cousin. Cousin says she was looking fat in childhood. Pihu says she was cute also. She sees Sammy’s pic and says baby that he was your father.

Khush when his turn comes starts playing with the baby with his siblings. He says he loves baby by heart. He shows baby Suhani’s pic and says she is your mamma. Natasha and Priya silently watch him taking care of the baby. Myra also plays with the baby. She gives vitamin drops prescription to Pihu and asks her to give it to baby. She sees Priya and gives her a list of baby items to bring. Natasha who is around says Myra she will also have a baby soon. Myra says she wants to enjoy life. She gives mamaji her list and asks him to bring baby items.

Mamaji brings baby items and thinks he has become a home servant. He calls Khush and Pihu to come and check the list. Khush and Pihu say some items are missing and asks mamaji the missing items. Pihu sees vitamin drops bottle and hides it thinking it is Khush turn to sleep with the baby, she can sleep either and give baby vitamin drops.

Pihu comes to Sid’s room and sees him sleeping deeply. She carries baby with her. She comes out to the hall and sees baby not moving. She calls Priya and everyone come out. Khush also hears her voice and comes out. Priya asks what happened. Pihu says baby is not moving. Priya takes baby from Pihu and scolds Pihu and Khush that they could not take care of baby. She asks doctor call doctor. Doctor comes and gives injection to baby. She says baby will be alright and asks them to give the prescribed medicines. Priya thanks doctor and says driver will drop her home. Khush tries to touch baby when Priya asks him to stop and says baby will neither stay with Pihu nor Kush, she will be with her.

Priya takes of the baby whole night. Khush comes and asks who is the baby. Priya says she is fine. He asks if he can take her to doctor. Priya says she will take baby to doctor. She says they way Pihu behaved, she can understand as Pihu is egoistic, but the way he behaved, she is really disappointed and does not feel she should give baby him. Khush requests her to trust him and let him take the baby to doctor.

Myra gets ready and about to leave for office. Priya sees her and gets happy. She says she has brought her curd and chocolate as a good luck. Myra asks why curd and choc. Priya says she knows new generation would not like curd and sugar, so for a yo yo factor she brought curd and choc. She says her mother fed her curd and sugar and she would have fed Khush same when he went to office if she was not in coma. Myra says she can do it now. Priya feeds her curd and gives her chocolate to munch it in office.

Khush comes office with baby. His staff member says he is seeing a father carrying his baby to office for the first time. Myra asks if he can handle both work and baby. Khush says he can easily handle.

Natasha asks Pihu to have food. Pihu says until she gets back her baby, she will not have food. Natasha gets angry on her, says be like this and waste your life and goes from there.

Precap: Priya informs Vikram that she is worried about baby as Pihu and Khush are fighting for her and not taking care of her. Pihu to prove Khush wrong hid baby’s medicine and baby got ill because of that..
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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th June 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Kady coming to Vikram’s room and seeing him looking at toys. Vikram asks her to come in. He shows toys and tells how and when he bought them. He says Neha asked him to give to to charity, but he wanted to keep it. He says he will give these today to the baby. Kady asks if he wants to bring babay home. Vikram says he wants as baby is Sammy’s last evidence but cannot. Kady asks him to speak to Priya then. Vikram says he wants to, but looking at their happiness, he is hesitant.

Pihu and her siblings happily play with the baby. Priya asks Pihu to go and change as she has not changed since yesterday and says baby will catch infection else. Pihu goes to change and gives baby to her sibling. Daadi takes baby and happily plays with her. Everyone start of baby’s name. Everyone suggest their name. Khush takes baby and says he will keep her name. Pihu takes baby from him and says why will he keep baby’s name as Sammy is her father and she will keep her name instead. Khush snatches baby from her and says he is the father of girl as he waited for 9 months for her and took care of Suhani. He takes her with him while Pihu shouts at him.

Vikram speaks to Sammy’s pic and says he wants to give toys to baby, but Ram’s family will think he wants the baby. He says he will somehow bring baby home for 2 days and will go and check if Khush is taking care of baby well or not.

Pihu locks her door and starts crying saying baby is Sammy’s daughter, then how can Khush take her. Priya comes and asks her to open the door, she says nobody will take baby from them and they will find a solution. Pihu asks her to go away as she wants to live alone for some time. She sadly goes from there. Ram asks if Pihu opened the door. Priya says she did not and is getting obsessive about the baby. She says both Khush and Pihu fighting for baby and they both right in their ways. Ram gets a call and informs Priya that he is going for a business meeting. Priya asks him to carry on as she will handle the situation.

Khush and his siblings try to console crying baby, but she keeps on crying. Khush goes out to bring baby’s milk when Pihu comes and takes the baby to her room. Khush comes back and gets angry hearing Pihu took the baby from there. He goes to Pihu’s room and asks her to open the door, but she does not. Priya watches that silently.

Vikram gets ready and asks Kady and Ridhima if they are ready. He gives them instructions about their clothing, etc. Kady asks him to relax as they are going to Ram’s house. Vikram says they have to go and familiarize with the baby as he cannot see baby getting Ram’s habit. Kady asks him to relax.

Priya asks Pihu and Khush what is wrong with them, why are they fighting for the baby. She says they will each handle the baby half day each and will not interfere while the baby is with one of them. Mamaji starts his jokes, but nobody laughs. Priya asks Vikram if her decision is right. Vikram says yes.

Khush is not happy with Priya’s decision and sadly stands at a corner. Mamaji sees him and asks why is he standing in a corner. Khush says nothing. Mamaji says why he does not think him as his dear one and thinks only Ram and Priya as his parents. Khush says both their situations are same and says he cared for him when Priya was in coma and he is like a father for him. Mamaji gets emotional and hugs him. He promises he will get back his baby. Khush asks how does he know what he is thinking. Mamaji says he knows him from childhood. He gets a call and goes from there.

Natasha sees Priya tensed and asks why is she tensed. Priya says she is tensed about Pihu and Khush. Khush will understand, but Pihu will not understand easily. Natasha says she agrees as Pihu is her younger version. With time, Pihu will be more mature. She says everything will be alright.

Precap: Pihu gets worried seeing baby not waking up and calls Priya. Khush comes and tries to take baby. Priya scolds both Pihu and Khush and asks them to call doctor..
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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th June 2014 Written Update

Ridhima anxiously tries to call Vikram, but his phone is not reachable. She sees Vikram and Kady and gets happy. She asks if it is girl or boy. Vikram says it is a girl and he felt as if he is holding Sammy when he held her. Ridhima asks why did not he bring her home then. Vikram says Kapoors took her before he could and says he will bring her after some time. Kady says why don’t he tell the truth that he cannot bring her. Vikram says girl is Sammy’s daughter and it is his right to bring her here, he will speak to Ram about it.

Natasha sees Pihu happily playing with the babygirl. She comes and sits on sofa sadly. Priya comes there and asks if she is thinking about her children. Natasha says Pihu is exactly like her. Priya says hope she is like her at least 1%, they way she handled the difficult situations, she is proud of her. Natasha says Priya helped her in her difficult situations. Priya says she helped her externally and she coped up all the situations due to her inner strength. Priya says if Pihu has at least half of her qualities, she will sail through.

Pihu and Khush are with the girl. Khush asks if the babygirl did not sleep yet. Pihu says she has gone on her father and will not sleep so early. Khush says she can go on Suhani also and then says why are they fighting for people who are not part of their lives now. Pihu says looks like he is missing Suhani and says he can meet her, but she cannot meet Sammy at all. Khush says he does not want to meet Suhani and says when he went to meet Suhani, she refused to meet him. Pihu asks even then, he loves this babygirl. Khush says when he saw the child, he forgot all hatred and now we both losers will take care of this child and can kill anybody for her. Pihu says he is right and then wishes him goodnight. Khush wishes goodnight and goes from there.

Vikram takes Sammy’s pic and happily says he has become father now. He talks emotionally and says his daughter is very cute and is a mixture of him and Suhani. He asks him not to worry as she is in safe hands, Khush takes care of her a lot. He asks him to be around the child and protect her. He says he will also come soon and they both will be together, till then…

Khush sadly remembers on bed how he proposed Suhani to marry him. He further remembers Suhani telling Sammy that she loves Khush and he is the father of her child and then accepting that she loved Sammy and killed him to protect her child. He remembers seeing the child for the first time and holding her. Her says he became dad and goes out from his room. He comes to Pihu’s room and sees her sleeping with the baby. He takes baby to his room. Pihu wakes up and does not find baby with her. She calls whole family and informs baby is not with her and says she slept while taking care of her, but did not find it when she woke up. She asks Ram to do something as she cannot live without baby. Khush comes with baby and sees whole family. He asks Priya what happened.

Pihu angrily asks where did he take baby. Khush says he took to garden as he was not getting sleep. Pihu asks how can he take her without informing her. Khush says she was asleep and why should he take her permission. Pihu takes baby from him and goes.

Khush says Priya that Pihu is acting obsessive again like she was with Sammy. He says he cannot give his daughter to her as he waited for her. Priyas asks him to relax as Ram has gone to speak with Pihu.

Ram sees Pihu playing with baby. Pihu sees him and says baby is very connected to her and listens to her. She says she is Sammy’s baby and looks like him.

Precap: Khush says he will keep baby’s name. Pihu says baby is Sammy’s child, so she will keep her name. Khush takes baby from her and asks her not to dare think that he is not father of baby.
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